The style, trend and concept of KetchUp Burgers is more London than American. This format is universal for any metropolis, without any specific reference to a particular geographical location. It's the perfect atmosphere for business meetings, for spending time quality time with friends or a casual and comfortable lunch with family.

Each KetchUp Burgers restaurant is a separate, special and unique project. The interior of every restaurant consists of several different styles. Brick masonry with ferrous metal that brings to mind an industrial loft. Natural wood finishings and live plants create an environment of coziness and comfort. We take great pride in everything that we do and always pay attention to every detail.

Our menu is based primarily on wonderful, delicious and completely handmade burgers. The meat is from the best, leading farms in Russia and South America. The main goal is to provide a "price-quality” experience.

In the menu, each of our burgers has its very own unique logo and photo. In it you can see the name of the burger, the toppings that are included and also the sauce that it comes with. It’s a salivating and visually stunning presentation.

KetchUp Burgers is the perfect example of a high quality cosmopolitan burger restaurant. We set the rhythm of life in a modern metropolis!

Average Check price: 750 rubles